Viet Nam’s mission

The mission to Vietnam ends this Saturday. Thank you to the 27 manufacturers and 5 industry associations who kindly welcomed us and aspired, together, to the mission of the Engram Group, that is to say to contribute to the success of our manufacturers on both sides of the Pacific. Great work Huyen Nguyen, thank you so much for believing in us over the past three years ago, the Engram Group’s journey wouldn’t have been the same without you. Important announcements will follow in the next few days. In the meantime, let’s go to Singapore tomorrow.

Chantier Davie

The Association des Fournisseurs de Chantier Davie (AFCD), in collaboration with Engram Group, is proud to announce that a tour of the Davie Shipyard Canada facilities will be held on Thursday, August 29.

Highlighted by the press and the Canadian government, Davie Shipyard Canada received last year, new contracts (including the conversion of an icebreaker) as part of the renewal of the federal fleet, for the benefit of the Canadian Coast Guard. These contracts are estimated to be worth more than 500 million Canadian dollars.

During this visit, you will have the opportunity to meet and discuss with the decision makers and procurement managers of Davie Shipyard Canada.

Under the coordination of Engram Group, the visit includes the bus ride from Montreal to Levis (round trip). Departure will be at 6:30 a.m. at (location to be confirmed), and return to Montreal at 2:30 p.m.

A lunch will be offered.

Places are limited.

Jeune Afrique

Article published on Jeune Afrique concerning the mission of the Engram Group