What is International Trade Compliance?
International Trade Compliance

The Customs Compliance Specialists Group is a private network of customs compliance function managers within Quebec exporting and importing companies that wish to strengthen their professional practice. The number of participants is set at a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12.

How can the co-development group help you?

Led by the Engram Group, the primary purpose of the circle is to help and equip its members to respond to organizational and regulatory issues related to customs compliance within their respective companies.

Am I eligible for the group?

The integration of value chains on a global scale requires the implementation, within companies, of increasingly sophisticated compliance programs that are fully integrated into business processes.

By completing this short questionnaire developed by Livingstone International, you will be able to assess the degree of maturity of your customs compliance program while identifying areas at risk and thus judge the relevance of participating in this network.