The Engram Group opens an office in Hanoi, Vietnam

The Engram Group, a Canadian consulting firm dedicated to supporting the growth of small and medium-sized manufacturing and technology companies, today announced the opening of its first international office in Hanoi, Vietnam.

With the highest growth rate in Asia (+6.5%) and a population of more than 100 million people, and as a member of three major international free trade agreements, Viet Nam is establishing itself as an alternative manufacturing hub to China and a market of opportunity for SMEs

“Doing business in Viet Nam since 2019 from a distance, the next natural step for us was to open an office there to better serve our customers on both sides of the Pacific,” said Remy Franzoni, president of the Engram Group. “Hanoi, a modern, thousand-year-old city, is at the heart of the decision-making apparatus of the industrial fabric of northern Vietnam and the country’s second largest port.

The Engram Group Viet Nam division will act as a people and project connector between Vietnamese companies and small and medium-sized manufacturing and technology companies.

About Engram Group

Founded in 2016, Engram Group is a consulting firm whose mission is to accelerate our clients’ growth. Our purpose is to accelerate the growth of Quebec Inc. SMEs that want to expand. We create value by implementing project financing strategies; identifying new international business opportunities and facilitating the professional development of international trade compliance experts.