The Engram Group wishes you a happy holidays and a wonderful year 2022!

On the eve of the Christmas holidays, as we prepare for a second lockdown and celebrate our sixth anniversary, on behalf of the Engram Group, I would like to pay tribute to all the members of our team who keep us here, standing tall and proud, accompanying Quebec SMEs in their growth projects here and elsewhere.

Thank you to Amine Jamil, Reinaldo Monque, Ismaël Talata, Marie-Pierre Lafitte, Alicia Piechowiak M.A., Marina Sagatelyan and Ilias Zoulou for your commitment and dedication during these difficult times.

We would also like to thank all our former collaborators of whom we are proud, who allowed us to be here and who marked in their own way the evolution of the company: Hicham SOUICI, Crystelle Cormier, Benoît Malric, Mahounan B. Fantodji M.Sc., Patrice Parent, Laïla INZOUDINE, Younès El Assal and Matthias Kleinschmidt.

Thank you dear clients, dear partners, dear friends for your trust.
The Engram Group wishes you a happy holiday season. Stay safe and see you in 2022.